Are you Ignoring the Importance of Online Reviews for Local Business?

reviews for local business

What are reviews?
Reviews, in a local SEO context, refer to reviews of your business, provided by your customers that have been published online.

90% of customers says that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.

Online Reviews are Important for Following Reasons:

  • Your rankings in local search engines
  • Which search results actually gets clicked on
  • Consumers purchasing decisions

How Consumers Use Online Reviews
Reading a review and making a decision to purchase from a business is ridiculously small, and typically results in a yes/no decision almost immediately. So as a small business, your online reputation can directly influence your bottom line.


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SEO for Small Business Websites & Owners

seo for small businesses websites and owners

SEO for small business website and owners is not that difficult.

The local search visibility can be improved by focusing on things like local keywords, NAP on the website, website content, Google+ Local Page, schema tags, local citations, customer reviews, and quality backlinks.

It is the process of optimizing your small business website so that it appears in the top local search queries related to your area / city / country.

Local SEO works best for businesses that have local operations in one or more locations.


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11 Simple Tips for Optimizing Landing Page for Small Business Website

landing page optimization tips to increase conversions
Since the Google’s local algorithm update ‘Pigeon’, Organic signals are now more tied into the local search algorithm. So, properly optimized site is very important if you have to outrank your competitors.

If you have more than one location but only one website, then just create a page on your website specific to each physical location. This way, anyone searching for your business in a particular region, city, state or country should be directed to the appropriate page.


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Conduct Local SEO Audit in 30 Mins (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Do you own a restaurant in San Diego,  a barber shop in Los Angeles , taxi services in Las Vegas, a law firm in Austin, Texas? Are you a doctor in Tucson, a mechanic in Chicago, dentist in New York City, careseeker in Texas, caregiver services in Austin, in-home care services in Dallas Texas,  or a retailer in Oklahoma City, etc?

For all the business owners out there local SEO may be unknown to you but every business that competes in a local market will likely to conduct local SEO audit and analysis.


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