These 17 Blackhat Techniques are Killing your SEO Campaign

blackhat seo techniques killing an SEO campaign

Getting top rankings in Google and other search engines is the only goal of any business owner or blogger who has a website takes a lot of time and effort. To get the results faster, newbies and even experienced SEO Experts practice blackhat techniques. However, you may start seeing the results but all of them are temporary and this may lead your site hit with Google Penalty


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How to Improve Your (Reach & Rankings) With Link Building Strategy


Over the years, poor quality linking and spammy duplicate content have tarnished the term “link building.” But not all link building is bad. Link building is still the most important factor which contributes to improving the search rankings of your website. However, these days link building is not done in the way it used to be done a few years back where you just insert the link wherever you can, even if the website where you are adding links are not relevant to your topic or niche.


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Top 10 Mobile App Developers in India (iOS, iPhone & Android)

Top Mobile App Development Companies in India

Looking for the best mobile app developers from India or a top mobile app development company in India which can help you shape your raw idea into a running mobile app? If yes, then you must know that the Indian market is stuffed with several app development companies having technically skilled Indian app developers who are ready to meet your requirements whether you are a startup or an enterprise. In such a scenario, finding your savior might require you to put a little extra hard work.

However, we understand how difficult it may get for a non-technical or even technical person to find a reliable Indian app development company, and therefore to ease out your hunting job, we have compiled a list of top Mobile app development companies in India. The list contains top rated development companies, and their field of expertise; so that you can easily choose the one which serves your requirements.

But, before moving any further, let us understand why you need to make a wise decision while choosing an app development company. Let us say you have an exceptional idea for a mobile app, and you are confident that this idea can stand out in the market. However, if not executed properly, this idea will never meet your expectations.

For you to see your raw idea turning into a real app, gaining success in the market, it is crucial that your mobile application developers understand your vision. Furthermore, the cost of developing a mobile application mainly depends on the mobile app development company that you hire.  

With that being said, it becomes quite necessary for you to invest your time and do proper research before finalizing a mobile app development company.

So, without any further ado, let’s start the list. Here I have listed some of the top mobile application development companies in India with the proven track record of delivering high quality and valued mobile apps.

Here is the List of Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in India | Best App Developers India 2018 | Hire Top Indian App Developers 2018 | App Developers for Hire

  • RV Technologies
  • Appster
  • OpenXcell
  • TechAhead
  • Konstant Infosolutions
  • QBrust
  • Parangat Technologies
  • Affle AppStudioz
  • Sourcebits
  • Contus
  • Innofied Solutions
  • July Rapid
  • Daffodil Software
  • Finoit Technologies
  • BrainMobi
  • TechJini

Let’s talk about these mobile app development companies in detail along with their service offerings and we will throw some light into their position on a global level as well.

1.  RV Technologies (Mohali, India):

Having an experience of 10+ years, RV Technologies is one of the best top mobile app development companies in India and across the globe. The company offers expertise in a wide range of fields including IOS, Android, Windows app development, enterprise mobile application development, and AR/VR mobile application development In their decade-long journey, the company has successfully delivered 750+ mobile apps to their worldwide clientele. They have developed apps for almost every business model including games, food delivery app, retail an e-commerce app, an educational app, healthcare app, etc. Company’s professionalism, a wide range of expertise, and their time-tested approach, while developing a mobile application, made them grasp the first position in our list. They have four major focused areas including, UI/UX Design, Mobile application development, Web Application Development & Internet Marketing. 


Platforms & Technologies: iOS, Android, Windows, Enterprise, Cross Platform, Hybrid, Native, Web Application Development, Xamarin, React Native, Java, Kotlin, Objective C, Swift

Few Portfolio Apps: Drophook Fishing App, Baseball Hall of Fame Beacon, Elite Health, Doitall, Gold wood, and more

Mobile & Web Applications Developed for: Healthcare, Retail, Education, Engineering, Financial, Manufacturing, Real Estate & Property, On-Demand Solutions, Social Networking, Food and Restaurant, Banking, Insurance, Education, eLearning, B2B, Travel and Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, Fitness, Transport and Automotive, Gaming and Leisure, Directory and Organizations App, Events and Tickets Mobile Application Development.

Contact: +91-896-851-9881

2.  Appster (Gurgaon, India):

The Gurgaon based IT company and an another best company in mobile app development, who also has offices in overseas locations such as Australia and the USA, is ready to help you meet your end-goals by developing a fully-functional mobile app. The company’s working motto, “only the best is good enough”, makes them stand-out in the market. In the past couple of years, the mobile app programmers have developed many apps, both for startups as well as enterprises. Whether you own a startup or looking for a company with expertise in enterprise application development, Appster is capable of meeting your requirements.


Platforms & Technologies: Networking, ios, Web Application Development

Few Portfolio Apps: Fit Connect, Smartr, ManMoji, RealChords, Venu, Waggles, DeadAir, Ordr, Affynity, Realista and more

Mobile & Web Applications Developed for: Recruitment Industry, Finance Sector, Location-Based Mobile Marketing, Farmers, On-Demand Solutions, Food and Restaurant, Hospitality, Startups & Innovative Enterprise Brands.

Contact: 0124 405 5329

3. OpenXcell (Ahmedabad, India):

OpenXcell is a team of highly skilled developers, creative designers, and technically profound technical experts, who are ready to cater the needs of their clients. The overwhelming response from their clients says all about the expertise and professionalism of the company. The company believes in helping their clients by developing enterprise applications for their clients, and simplifying, strengthening and transforming their businesses. The company has developed apps for several platforms including IOS, Android, Windows, Web, and even Blackberry OS. Their work involves e-commerce mobile apps, social networking apps, real-time business-analytics, etc.


Platforms & Technologies: iOS, Android, Windows, Enterprise, Cross-Platform, Web Application Development, Blockchain technology, Bot Development, Cloud Computing

Few Portfolio Apps: Like Back, Crave On Campus, Oincs, Drinking Buddy, Alias, byju’s and more.

Mobile & Web Applications Developed for:  Education, Food and Restaurant, Social Networking, Transport and Automotive, Healthcare, Travel and Tourism Guide, Music and Entertainment, Dating mobile application, Gaming and Videos

Contact: +91 999 822 2929

4. TechAhead (Noida, India):

Established in 2009, Techahead is one of the leading mobile app development companies in India. While the company is all set to complete a journey of 10 years in the industry, it has developed over 350 mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. The company utilizes both native and hybrid approach while developing a mobile application. The team of 150+ of skilled developers, designers, and technical experts have the right expertise to meet client requirements.

Platforms & Technologies: iOS, Android, Windows, Enterprise, Custom Application Development, Third-Party Application Integration, Legacy Application Modernization, Enterprise Mobility Applications

Few Portfolio Apps: Rental Host, Melltoo, Ezeepay, Ranvu, AXA, GeekzLand, Teacher Access, MagicBricks.

Mobile & Web Applications Developed for:  Startups, Healthcare & Fitness Guide, News, Hotel Industries, Construction Industry, Learning Application Development, Real Estate, Insurance, Grocery Delivery, Digital Wallet.

Contact: +91 120 4589900

5. Konstant Infosolutions (Jaipur, India):

Headquartered in Jaipur, India, Konstant Infosolutions is one of the good app development companies in India and have successfully served their worldwide clientele by helping them develop robust, feature-rich, and fully-functional mobile apps. Having expertise in IOS, Android, and Enterprise Mobility, Konstant Infosolutions has provided the most effective solutions to resolve client queries. They work with the latest technologies to give their clients the best mobility solutions regardless of the platform. In the past couple of years, they have worked with hundreds of startups, small enterprises, and even big brands.


Platforms & Technologies: iOS, Android, Windows, Web Application Development, B2B, Cloud Computing, React Native, PhoneGap, Xamarin

Few Portfolio Apps: E-healthcare tracker, wonder cement, findme, sevenseas music, aye finance, foffer, socozy and more.

Mobile & Web Applications Developed for:  Startups, Healthcare & Fitness Guide, Directory and Organization, E-commerce and Retail, Gaming and Leisure, Social Networking, Food and Restaurant, Banking, Finance and Insurance, Educational and Human Resources, Music and Entertainment.

Contact: +91 120 4589900

6. QBrust (Trivandrum, India):

QBurst is a full-service software solution provider which has successfully helped many clients to maximize the productivity of their business by developing feature-rich, customized mobile apps. Despite having an expertise in web development and full stack development, QBurst is a well-recognized name in the industry of mobile app development in India. The company is well known for utilizing the latest technologies, such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, into the applications to provide a better user experience.


Platforms & Technologies: iOS, Android, Windows, Web Application Development, Cloud Computing.

Few Portfolio Apps: Qint, Automate, SeeMyMachines, PenQ, Crickees, ContextIQ, WebWatch24x7, Galapagos, Quick Picks and more.

Mobile & Web Applications Developed for:   Healthcare, Retail, Education, Engineering, Financial Services, Manufacturing.

7. Parangat Technologies (Noida, India):

The Noida based app development company was started with a vision to provide cost-effective solutions to the clients without compromising with the quality at all. Their customized and innovative mobile solutions have made them cater the requirements of their clientele. A complete analysis of the project followed by a time-tested development approach make them a reliable app development company in India. Parangat Technologies is widely known for their work with several business models, ranging from small enterprise and startups to leading brands. Whether it’s an Android or iOS mobile application, the technically skilled developers are capable of meeting every client requirement regardless of the complexity of the project.


Platforms & Technologies: iOS, Android, Windows, Web Application Development, Blockchain technology, Bot Development.

Few Portfolio Apps:  Buxflix, Burdy, Agile, Hiwalk, GrandTab, Sasco, Fademarks, Lifestyle, Uber Wash and more.

Mobile & Web Applications Developed for:  Startups, Healthcare, Video Streaming, Mobile Recharge and Bill Payment, Tours and Traveling, Tracking, On-Demand, Gaming, Social Networking.

Contact: +91-999-9996-418

8. Affle AppStudioz (Gurgaon, India):

It is one of the best mobile app development company with services in India and Singapore, Affle AppStudioz is a leading app development company in India. However, the expertise of the developers extends beyond mobile app development as the company has developed several applications for many other platforms as well including wearables, SmartTV application development, and web development. Affle AppStudioz has even partnered with many tech-giants such as Microsoft, Bennet Coleman & Company ltd., Itochu, Centurion Private Equity, etc. Furthermore, the company is well-known to provide a user-friendly UI/UX.


Platforms & Technologies: iOS, Android, Web Application Development, Smart TV Application Development, IOT Development, Cloud Infrastructure.

Few Portfolio Apps:  Sterling Publisher, Hathway Self Care, SpeedNet, Videocon, Book My Show, Emily and more.

Mobile & Web Applications Developed for:  Telecommunication, Healthcare, Public Sector & Government, ERP & Workforce Solutions, Sports, Media and Entertainment, Real Estate, Travel & Transportation.

Contact: +91-828-7230-230

9. Sourcebits (Bangalore, India):

SourceBits is a leading mobile app development company who has been serving its worldwide clientele for the past 12 years. Having developed an app in almost every category, SourceBits offers some of the best mobile app development solutions provider from India. The team of 150+ creative  app designers, web developers, UX engineers, business analysts, project management experts and technical experts is more than ready to build a user-friendly functioning mobile application for every business enterprise regardless of the business model. The globally known team of creative designers has given the artistic look to many applications, with integrating best-in-class features for a better user experience. They are one of thw cost-effective yet higher-quality service provider.


Platforms & Technologies: iOS, Android, Web Application Development, e-commerce, Cloud Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Finance, News, Enterprise.

Few Portfolio Apps:  EMC, GE Nucleus, Intel Easy Migration, Hallmark CrownConnect and more.

Mobile & Web Applications Developed for:  Inventory System, Native, Mobile Banking, Retail Sales, Media and Entertainment.

Contact: +91-8067500800

10. Contus (Chennai, India):

Having served 40+ countries in the past couple of years, Contus has become a leading app development company in India. However, it’s the user-centric designs which separate the company from its competitors. The unique designs provide a better user experience, and therefore the company has successfully gained the trust of many clients. Their major expertise involves social platforms, analytics, and cloud both for Android as well as iOS. If you are looking forward to launching a social-media application, then Contus is your answer.


Platforms & Technologies: iOS, Android, Web Application Development, Cloud Infrastructure, IOT, Full Stack Development, Enterprise, Magento.

Few Portfolio Apps:  ALRT, Dr. Reddy’s, Compass, Learning Space

Mobile & Web Applications Developed for:  Social Networking, Learning, Personal Security, Healthcare, Banking, Jewellery, Sports, Real Estate.

Contact: +91 98407 05435

11. Innofied (Kolkata, India):

Despite having the least work experience, Innofied has achieved an enormous success in a time-span of merely six years. Started in 2012 with a vision to become one of the leading mobile and app development company, Innofied has managed to set a benchmark for developing 100+ mobile applications. Talking about the reliability, the company is one of the few NASSCOM certified companies with a client repetition average of 70%, which means their customer relations are as good as their services. A company who achieved such heights of success in six years is the right choice for developing a feature-full mobile application.


Platforms & Technologies:  Mobile App Development, Web Application Development, Cloud Infrastructure, UI/UX Design and Prototyping.

Few Portfolio Apps:  OLA, Micromax, PaperBoat, Dailyhunt.

Mobile & Web Applications Developed for:  Startups, Food and Restaurant, Enterprise, Social Networking, Learning, E-commerce.

Contact: +91-80-41507899

12. July Rapid (Bangalore, India):

July Rapid is an innovation and design-focused mobile app development services studio of July Systems that is redefining how businesses go-to-market with mobile. They work with small businesses, funded startups and even large enterprises to build fully native or hybrid applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, IoT and Wearable devices. July’s award-winning mobile application development services is used by some of the world’s best-known brands.

Their approach to developing a cutting-edge mobile application is what makes them one of the best app development companies.  They use their home grown tools to speed the development process and by providing a full suite of mobile app development services.


Platforms & Technologies: App design, iphone app development, ipad app development, android app development, wearable app development, app testing, app marketing, app management, web development, iOT Apps, Geo Location Apps

Few Portfolio Apps:  BidRide, Inoride, Cordial,octopull, Barnoparichay, Skatedash and more.

Mobile & Web Applications Developed for: ToysRUs, PacSun, Thomas Pink, or Teleflora

Contact:+91 80 41105859

13. Daffodil Software (Hisar, India):

Daffodil helps their clients by developing customized mobile applications for different business models and giving them a competitive edge to stay ahead of their competitors. The company experiments with the latest technologies, design approaches and development methodologies to build cutting-edge software products, which can help your business to stand out in the market. From state governments to small enterprises to big brands and TV celebrities, Daffodil has worked with many clients over the past few years. Whether you seek native or hybrid mobile development solutions, Daffodil is ready to serve your every requirement.


Platforms & Technologies: ios, android, react native, ionic, sencha, HTML5,  PhoneGap, Xamarin,  artificial intelligence, block chain development, AR/VR applications, on-demand service applications, m-commerce

Few Portfolio Apps: Enforme, ISV, On-Demand Taxi Booking , Compliance Management  and more.

Mobile & Web Applications Developed for:  Ecommerce,Energy & Utilities, Entertainment, Fintech, Healthcare, Legal Services, Logistics, Real Estate, Technology, Travel & Tourism.

Contact: +91 124 663 0100

14. Finoit Tehcnologies (Noida, India):

Finoit Technologies is a team of individuals with diverse functional and technical expertise focusing on solving business problems by developing a customer-centric application and e-business solutions. The committed team of skilled professionals always tries to suggest the best technical solutions for the clients to enhance their business productivity. Apart from mobile app development, Finoit Technologies also provides the best-in-class web, cloud, and IOT solutions.


Platforms & Technologies: iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch, Android SDK, Android Native Development Kit

Few Portfolio Apps: Movv, Delhi NCR Metro, VEZDE, Splitkart 2Way, Only Women, Offer valleys and more.

Mobile & Web Applications Developed for:  Startups, Enterprise, Real estate, Communication, Transportation

Contact: +91 120 411 2386

15. Brain Mobi (Noida, India):

The young, enthusiastic team of technically skilled professionals have managed to get an exposure in the market of experienced app developers. The team of 40+ tech-geeks strive to provide the best business as well as tech solutions to the clients for improving the quality of the client’s idea. The team understand the difficulties one has to face while launching a mobile application in the market and getting required exposure, and therefore they bring their best game while developing a mobile application.

Platforms & Technologies: ios, android,  iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch, Android SDK, Android Native Development Kit

Few Portfolio Apps: Cricket Line Guru, Timekeeper, Home turph, floyd, Hissab and more

Mobile & Web Applications Developed for:  Startups, Enterprise, Real estate, Communication, Transportation, Gaming, Beauty, News, Media and entertainment.

Contact: +91 96439 70717

16. TechJini (Bangalore, India):

Ready to partner with clients of all sizes, starting with small businesses to well-recognized business enterprises, TechJini is one of the leading app development companies. With having expertise in Android, iOS, native/hybrid app development, the company has successfully delivered customer-centric apps with top-notch features. They have catered unique solutions for rapid application development to clients from across the world. They have specialized application developers who work closely with their customers on building effective apps as per their demand.


Platforms & Technologies: ios, android,  iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch, Android SDK, Android Native Development Kit, Cloud Infrastructure, UI/UX Design and Prototyping.

Few Portfolio Apps: OLA, Micromax, PaperBoat, Dailyhunt.

Mobile & Web Applications Developed for:  Startups, Food and Restaurant, Enterprise, Social Networking, Learning, E-commerce

Contact: +91-80-41507899

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Web Host Company Provider

Choosing a Web Host Company Provider

Choosing a web host for your blog or site can be tough. Most of the website hosting companies promise to provide 99% uptime, unlimited resources, 24-7 support, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and email. In this situation, we get confused on how to choose a web hosting service.

So, make sure you complete your homework before selecting a website hosting company and decide the package that best suits your need because there are several key factors to consider when choosing a web host.


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BlueHost Coupon Code (Exclusive Deal): Get 60% Off + Free .COM Domain

BlueHost Hosting Coupon Code 2017 (Deal): Get 60% Off + FREE Domain

Here is the Bluehost Coupon Code 2017 for your next site or WordPress blog.  The Bluehost web hosting discounts helps you to host your site on one of the best servers in the world with a guarantee of your data security.

Bluehost Webhosting is one of the best and recommended website hosting for your WordPress blog. For newbies, it is the best choice for New WordPress blog.

Before we move ahead and check the special Bluehost coupon codes, discount and promo codes, here are the Bluehost plans and packages

Bluehost is powering over 2 million websites worldwide. They offer

  • 24/7 Support
  • Money Back Guarantee


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3 Mistakes to (Stop) Making When Putting Together Your SEO Strategy

mistakes to avoid when creating seo strategy 2017

The Online marketers seem to always be seeking to design a better mousetrap when it comes to making an SEO strategy.

On the surface, it makes sense. The major search engines are always changing how they rank websites, and the digital marketers need to keep up.

But dig a little deeper, and it becomes obvious that the major changes being made by search engines like Google and Bing are based on one thing – improving the quality and user experience.

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