Top Magento Developers and Designers

magento development companies top best list

Are you on the quest to find the best magento developers company? YES, we heard you right!. However, from a pils of thousands of magento development companies, you are going to experience a real struggle. Here we are to sort your trouble of locating the best magento ecommerce development company.

From the below mentioned list, you can hire the best and certified Magento developers, engineers, programmers, coders, architects, experts, designers or consultants for building your next e-commerce website application.


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How Voice Search is Changing the SEO Strategies in 2019 and Beyond

Voice search search engine optimization strategies 2019

It has been the world of fast forward and we have arrived at a stage where we would reach after some 50 years. The technology directs us towards a voice recognition world and the way we use it to the core. Apple developed Siri, Amazon developed Alexa, Google developed Google Assistant, etc.

In this world of search results, the voice search optimization can be termed as an emerging trend, of course the one trend that the business should keep a check on in this quickly developing market.


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How to Do a Backlink Audit (in Just 20 Minutes)


If you have been performing SEO for a while now, you must be familiar with the significance of backlinking or link building, as many people like to call it. Link building is a process of acquiring links from other websites to your own web pages.

It helps your web pages to rank higher on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and gain desired online visibility at the same time. Link building has been a crucial part of Search Engine Optimization for years now and this trend is not going to change any time soon.


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Best Ecommerce Developers in India (Exclusive List)

best ecommerce development companies

If you want to build your e-commerce site and want to know the best ecommerce development companies. Here is the list of the best ecommerce development company and best e-commerce developers from India.

India is the top development hub, as ecommerce development is growing globally as advancement in technology is rapidly increasing and fierce competition makes it essential for the organization to build their brand presence with new concepts.


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How to Make your WordPress Site Fully Secured


WordPress has been around for more than 15 years. And no other Content Management System (CMS) has been as simple and powerful as WordPress at the same time. Moreover, for the same reason, WordPress is the leader in the CMS market.

When you want to put up a site or blog, the obvious choice is WordPress. Because it requires almost no coding/programming knowledge to start with. But the problem is, you have to configure the site to make it secure. Otherwise, Google Chrome shows the site visitors that your site is not secure. Same goes with Mozilla Firefox. Firefox displays a dark padlock with a red slash.


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MilesWeb Review: Managed Web Hosting for Small to Large Websites

MilesWeb Review- Managed Web Hosting for Small to Large Websites

Managing any type of business is quite a hard task as it involves many things right from the infrastructure to client management. Also, having an online presence has become important for small as well as large businesses to get exposure to their target audience in a faster way. Therefore, there are millions of websites being developed daily. Ultimately, this has even given a push to the web hosting industry, with thousands of web hosting providers getting established daily.


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8 Reasons Why Backlinks are Essential for SEO

backlinks are essential for search engine optimization

Competitive Edge

Competitive analysis is a major approach in the practice of SEO, and nothing beats competition like a solid link-structure.

Earning quality backlinks favors you in the eyes of search engines and audiences. If you follow through with quality link-building process, you will realize a better performance concerning traffic flow and ranking position on search engines.

Remember, you are chasing after backlinks from authoritative brands, which in itself is a notch higher in In this age of technological advancements, webmasters appreciate any effort towards optimizing a website for audiences and search engines. The link-building process remains a crucial aspect of SEO, more especially, earning backlinks. Backlinks are links used on different sites to direct people to your website.


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SEO Expert and SEO Specialist Consultant

seo expert navneet singh seo specialist

Having an SEO Expert or best search engine optimization (SEO) consultant for your website is must to get a good ranking in search engines like Google for driving traffic to your website. Without good SEO (search engine optimization), your site may fail to get a proper path it needs.

Being a professional SEO consultant, I help businesses to stay ahead by outranking their competitors by boosting the site placement in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs)

How I Work as an Search Engine Optimization Consultant

My first objective it to make the website fine-tune by analyzing and then optimizing.

I analyze the exisiting web content, including headers, tags, and other key metadata based on the target search terms.

Once the analyzation is done, I conduct important keyword research because the search terms is the core of any internet marketing campaign.

Once the keywords analysis is done, I start crafting SEO-enriched content, optimize existing web copy and more. Once it is done, I start with link-building and content marketing activities to help the site rise in SERPs and ultimately drive more organic traffic to the company’s website.

I always follow Google Webmaster Guidelines and white hat seo practices to get the desired results based on the type of business my client have.

Better search engine visibility can be critical to boosting visits to your website, which can lead to increased brand awareness and higher sales and profits.

Why Hire an SEO Expert – Navneet Singh?

if you lack the time and technical expertise to improve your site’s search engine ranking? It might make sense to hire an experienced, reliable search engine optimization (SEO) consultant.

Get Top Rankings in Google with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Freelancer, Navneet Singh


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7 Awesome Ecommerce Link Building Strategies

link building for ecommerce sites

Let’s face it – building links for e-commerce websites isn’t an easy job. It can be overwhelming for those new to link building. Even seo expert can face many challenges like being in a super competitive niche and appearing unnatural/spammy to Google.

Even with all these challenges, e-commerce link building can be done and scaled if you adopt creative and methodical strategies.


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