Top 10 Mobile Game Developers in India (iOS, iPhone & Android)

Top Mobile Game App Development Companies in India

Are you on quest to find the best Indian game development company? YES, we heard you right! However, from a pile of thousands of gaming app development companies, you are going to experience a real struggle. Here we are to sort your trouble of locating the best game app development company from India.

If you have an innovative gaming idea in mind, India has been making some outstanding contributions to the gaming market on a global scale and so, you can make the most of this scenario by placing your trust in the hands of Indian gaming app developers who are known for their exceptional level of coding standards, skills, gaming talent and delivering the quality game which meets gamers expectations.

This actually shows that India has been pacing well in parallel with other countries in digital gaming and gaming technology and sure to shun the ones who thought their own horns without having any idea about what gaming is all about.

There is no dearth of reputed gaming industry companies in India that have entered the market to meet the increasing demand for interactive games and tap into the potential of this business niche. India being the biggest base of game app developers, each gaming studio has a bag full of portfolios with a huge number of clientele and that makes it intricate for others to choose the PERFECT mobile game development firm.

Here is the List of Top 10 Mobile Gaming Companies in India – Best Gaming Developers Company

  • RV Technologies
  • SuperSike Games
  • Zebu Games
  • 99Games
  • Rolocule
  • Juego Studios
  • Creatiosoft
  • Dhruva Interactive
  • Apar Games
  • Dumadu Games
  • GSN Games India
  • Hashcube Technologies
  • Hashstash
  • Ingenuity Gaming
  • Ironcode Gaming
  • Mango Games
  • SuperSike Games
  • Synqua Games
  • Zapak Digital Ltd
  • Spiel Studios

Let’s talk about these gaming companies in detail along with their service offerings and we will throw some light into their position on a global level as well:

1. RV Technologies (Mohali, India):

RV Technologies Private Limited is the new-aged Gaming giant has expertise in Concept/Game Designing, Game Development, 2D/3D Designing, Digital Art, Animations, Digital Marketing, App Development, and Web Development. RV’s innovative approach towards game development makes them the stalwarts. With their undying dedication and working spirit, they are growing in this field astoundingly.


Other Core Services: iOS Game Development, Android Game Development, Unity Game Development, Web Game Development, Facebook Game Development, Casino Game Development, Console Game Development, PC Game Development, Graphic Designing, 3D Modelling and Texturing, Digital Art, 2D/3D Animations and Rendering services.

Games: Feral Frenzy, Space Shooter 3D, Srtike Off, Thruway and Many More.
Contact: +91-896-851-9881

2. SuperSike Games  (Delhi NCR, India):

Being a privately held, the government registered software development organization situated in India, design, develop, test and deliver awesome games and apps for mobile platforms. 19 Studios have been providing Mobile Game Design Services, Unity 3D Game Development, and Game Testing Services. With global customer footprint and powered by the best of brains in the industry, 19 Studios has built a huge portfolio of expertise in game development.

Headquartered in Delhi NCR, 19 Studios has spread its wings all around the world with it’s outstanding gaming solutions.


Other Core Services: Game Design Services, Unity 3D Game Development, Game Testing Services, 3D Modeling & Animation, Augmented Reality Development, Creative Services, Web Application development and Mobile Application Development.

Games: Paint Ball Game, See and Match, Catchy Basket, Treasure Match and Many More.

3. Zebu Games (Bangalore, India):

This mobile gaming studio make deceptively simple casual games that make a superb combination of skills and strategy. Amongst the most promising gaming startups in India, Zebu games was formed with an initial investment of 6 lakhs. This highly renowned gaming company develop games for Android and iOS platforms as well.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Zabu Games is looking to develop games in multiple Indian languages and monetize their games through in-game advertisement.


Other Core Services: Game Designing Services, Game Development Services, Casual Strategy Games, Word Power Games

Games: Follow The Dots, Word Mint, Goon School and Many More.

4. 99 Games (Karnataka, India):

Since the inception of 99 Games in 2009, the company have developed over 18 games. Their games have been downloaded over 44 million times and 99 games has received 14 awards for their brilliant innovations. The mobile game development studio truly deserves a mention for placing India on the global map of digital gaming. The company has already received more than 15 game titles in it’s repertoire till date.

Headquartered in Karnataka, 99 Games developed such games that have bagged awards from across the globe.


Other Core Services: Game Designing Services, Game Development Services, Animation Services.

Games: Star Chef, SpellUp, Sultan: The Game, Dhoom 3: The Game and Many More.
Contact: +91-820-259-3930

5. Rolocule (Pune, India):

One of the most reputed game development companies, Rolocule create games and brands that not just last for years but decades as well. Today, it is backed by leading investors such as Mumbai Angels, Blume Ventures, and IIM Ahmedabad. The games developed by Rolocule mobile game developers have immensely got popularity across 110 countries.

Headquartered in Pune, Rolocule has consistently delivered international award-winning top-quality games loved by millions of customers globally.


Other Core Services: Game Design Services, Unity 3D Game Development, Game Testing Services, 3D Modeling & Animation

Games: Dead Among Us, Flick Tennis, Bowling Central, Dance Party and Many More.
Contact: +91-206-050-7656

6. Juego Studios (Bangalore, India):

Successfully founded by Suman Balakrishna, Juego Studios has made its way from India to Miami in US and London in the United Kingdom. It has already implemented projects from 11 countries. Being a leading game app development company, Juego Studios surpassed it’s competitors in developing visually appealing and superior-quality games for various platforms iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Windows Phone and Social Media.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Juego Studios is highly specialized in AR/VR experiences, IoT solutions, desktop, console, PC and mobile game development.


Other Core Services: Mobile Game Development, Android Game Development, Unity3D Game Development, 3D Game Development, Desktop Game Development, Online Game Development, iOS Game Development, AR Game Development, 2D Game Development.

Games: The Hobbit, Adventure Quest, Hopster Ebooks, Many Fine Deals and Many More.
Contact: +91-806-565-3369

7. CreatioSoft (Noida, India):

Founded in 2012, CreatioSoft is amongst the growing games development companies in India. It develops user-friendly and interactive games for enthralling entertainment. Till now, CreatioSoft delivered games for Android, iOS, iPad and Windows platforms in varied niches such as online shopping, technology, marketing, publishing, and entertainment.

Headquartered in Noida, CreatioSoft has launched various games/applications and 300 entitles across major Smartphone platforms.


Other Core Services: Card Game Development, Poker Game Development, Teen Patti Game Development, Rummy Game Development, Slot Game Development, Android Game Development, Arcade Game Development, Board Game Development, Unity3D Game Development, 3D Social game Development, 8 Ball Pool Game Development, Bingo Game Development, Multiplayer Card Game Development, Snooker Development, Augmented Reality Game Development, Virtual Reality Game Development, Game Art and Design and Elearning Game Development.

Games: Bingo, Catch the Bull, Night Surfers, Vasco Slots and Many More.
Contact: +91-120-4162752

8. Dhruva Interactive (Bangalore, India):

Since the commencement of Dhruva Interactive, it has been delivering superior-quality gaming services to companies on a global scale. Founded by Rajesh Rao, Dhruva Interactive has worked on more than 100 projects across several platforms. The PC version of the game based on Mission: Impossible, a Hollywood Blockbuster is credited to Dhruva Interactive. The 20-year old company is providing game content creation services to the global games industry.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Dhruva not just dealing in mobile and desktop games but also into providing porting services.


Other Core Services: Game Development Services, Art Services, Console Services, PC game Services, Social and Mobile Game Services.

Games: Bazzle, Spooky Treats, GloFlo, Nano Swat and Many More.
Contact: 080-2550-8255

9. Apar Games (Mumbai, India):

Started its operations in 2007, Apar games is the gaming development arm of Apar Global Pvt Ltd. They develop games for PCs, Consoles, iOS, and Android. So far, they have won 6 awards for their outstanding contributions. Apar games has not just established itself as a strong contender in the Indian gaming industry, but it has also become a trustworthy partner to various developers and publishers from China to Europe and America.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Apar Games is committed to quality and innovation and it already has contributed to over 100 published titles on a global scale.


Other Core Services: Game Development, Android Game Development, Unity3D Game Development, Game Art and Design

Games: Scribbled Arena, It’s Dicey, Crime Mystery, Empire of a Billionaire and Many More.
Contact: +91-22-022-40222556

10. Dumadu Games (Bangalore, India):

Being a leading cross-platform mobile game development company, Dumadu Games known for creating top-notch games across varied platforms. They are highly committed to developing visually appealing and technically advanced mobile game applications that appeal to all ages. Dumadu Games develop games in genres like action, arcade, adventure, casino, racing, simulation, and sports.

Headquartered in Bangalore, possess the expertise to create amazingly beautiful applications for VR, Cardboard and TV applications as well.


Other Core Services: Adventure games, Arcade games, Action games, Casino games, Racing games, Sports games and Simulation games.

Games: Slog Cricket, Beer Pong: Trickshot, VR Monster Truck Extreme Dash, VR AG Racing for Cardboard and Many More.
Contact: 080-41204810

11. GSN Games India (Bengaluru, India):

The well-reputed gaming studio, GSN Games India make top casino games for social and mobile platforms – Facebook, iPhone, iPad, and Android. The first title for GSN Games was Bingo Bash, which quickly became the #1 Bingo in the world with more than 1.5M users playing the game every day. They deliver social casino and skill-based games designed to fuel every player’s inner winner with energy.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, they are not just industry innovators but vintage car fanatics, rib-eating champions, and oenophiles.


Other Core Services: Cash Games, Hourly Bingo Jackpot, Casino Games, Game Show, Strategy Games, Word Games, Arcade games, Slot Games, Bingo Games, Poker Games and Quick Play Games.

Games: Bingo Bash, Mirrorball Slots, WorldWinner, Bejeweled 2 and Many More.
Contact: 080-46627666

12. Hashcube Technologies (Bengaluru, India):

Founded in 2008, Hashcube Technologies is a cross-platform social gaming company with varied titles on Facebook and Mobile. Their flagship title “Sudoku Quest” is amongst the most popular games on Facebook and has been played by over 2 million gamers. The Hashcube Technologies has grown to be one of the few studios in India making successful casual games on the freemium model.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Hashcube’s games are available for Tablets, Smartphones using both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android Operating Systems.


Other Core Services: Puzzle and Adventure Games, Gummy Pop, Sudoku-solver Games, DOT Game, Android Game Development and Unity 3D Game Development

Games: Sudoku Quest, DOTGame, Gummy Pop, Sudoku-Solver and Many More.
Contact: 080-4165-7576

13. Hashstash (Noida, India):

Being amongst the top award-winning game companies in India, Hashstash is highly known for developing cross-platform video games and play an important role in shaping the game development Industry India. They are critically acclaimed for their innovative work on mobile platforms and how they are pushing towards the game development industry in India.

Headquartered in Noida, Hashstash builds new experiences and original IP on the platform that will entertain the gamers spread globally.


Other Core Services: Games for PC, Mobile, and HTML5, Educational games, Consulting, VR Games & Apps, AR Games & Apps, Training and Workshops.

Games: HUERONS, CIRCULETS, Earth Hour India 2017, Ludo Live! Heroes and Strategy and Many More.
Contact: +91-991-002-4895

14. Ingenuity Gaming (Noida, India):

Over the past 13 years, Ingenuity Gaming has evolved into a multi-channel development studio that focuses on servicing companies across the land-based and e-gaming sectors. Ingenuity Gaming has a proven track record of developing 500 games and continue to amaze the clients with their fantastic fun gaming solutions.

Headquartered in Noida, Ingenuity Gaming boasts a talented team of 250+ staff members shared between our office in Isle of Man and India.


Other Core Services: Game Art, HTML5 Conversions, Engine Development, Testing, and Compliance.

Games: Diamond Fortunes, Trip Trap Trolls, Fire and Fortune, Rollem Rollem and Many More.
Contact: +91-120-4119961

15. Ironcode Gaming (Dehradun, India):

The highly professional and creative team of Ironcode Gaming produce original games and also perform full-service game development from concept and design to testing and deployment. They have developed and deployed games on Linux, Windows Desktop, Mac, iOS and Android on several platforms – Steam, Appstore, Google Play, Amazon, BigFish Games, AOL, Yahoo and much more.

Headquartered in Dehradun, Ironcode Gaming have their own cross-platform game development engine, although they use third-party game engines for client work.


Other Core Services: Game Designing, Unity3D Game Development, 2D/3D Art, Pahelika Series, Turbogems, Angkor, Riotball and Lastman Standing Games.

Games: Angkor, Riotball, Lastman Standing, Turbogems, Pahelika Series and Many More.
Contact: 095-609-29177

16. Mango Games (Hyderabad, India):

Mango Games build games for smartphone platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and Cloud Games as well. They provide gaming solutions through their in-house designing, development, testing, promotion and publishing team. They develop all kinds of games like single player, multiplayer turn-by-turn, and multi-player.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Mango Games believe in making compelling games enjoyed by gamers worldwide.


Other Core Services: Game Development, Android Game Development, Game Design Services, Unity 3D Game Development, Game Testing Services, 3D Modeling & Animation.

Games: Social Rummy, Poker Pop, Mumbai Mobsters, Teen Patti and Many More.
Contact: 91-806-753-9000

17. SuperSike Games (New Delhi, India):

On a global level, SuperSike Games are well known for developing highly-addictive games for Android and iOS platforms. They are an independent game development agency and have bagged many awards for their innovative games.

Headquartered in New Delhi, SuperSike Games developed games – Bird Game for iOS in 2013 and Go Kane for Android in 2014.


Other Core Services: Game Development, Game Design Services, 3D Modeling & Animation, Unity 3D Game Development, Android Game Development and Game Testing Services.

Games: Go Kane!, One More Pass, One More Run, Yet Another Bird Game and Many More.

18. Synqua Games (Mumbai, India):

Amongst the top-rated game development enterprises in India, Synqua Games develop games for mobile and tablet platforms – iOS, Android, BB10 and Windows Phone. So far, they have already released 60+ games that have been downloaded over 30 million times and the count is still on. The gaming studio continues to develop new titles that clients would love and constantly redefine themselves to achieve their goals.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Synqua Games dream to build the superior-quality casual mobile games.


Other Core Services: Game Development, Game Design Services, 3D Modeling & Animation, Unity 3D Game Development, Android Game Development and Game Testing Services.

Games: Snowball Baseball, Rescue Monster, Tap Baseball and Many More.
Contact: 022-8887-8888

19. Zapak Digital Ltd (Mumbai, India):

Being the leading online gaming website, it has one of the widest range of categories for online gaming action to strategy to dress up. They offer free games for single player or advanced multiplayer games with other players worldwide.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Zapak Digital Ltd gives you an access to play cricket games, racing, action, arcade and many more other games as well.


Other Core Services: Game Development, Game Design Services, 3D Modeling & Animation, Unity 3D Game Development, Android Game Development and Game Testing Services.

Games: Stealth Sniper, Super Boxing, Speedway Racing and Many More.

20. Spiel Studios (Mumbai, India):

Being a global gaming organization, Spiel Studios create innovative quality games for all platforms. They are one of the few gaming studios that are official developers for Sony PSP and PS2 platforms. Spiel Studios has one of the most talented and proficient teams in the gaming industry creating trendsetting products and establishing new distribution channels.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Spiel main goal is to create the most compelling and innovative entertainment content available on gaming platforms.


Other Core Services: Brick Games, Cue Games, Galaxy Run Games, Galaxy Run 2, Slumber Sam Games, Propel Man Games, Traffic Master games and much more.

Games: Aqua Jam, Traffic Master, Slumber Sam and Many More.
Contact: +91.22.26115995

Indeed, designing a great game is quite a serious stuff, it goes beyond powerful coding and colorful graphics. It takes a sheer amount of hard work, passion and strong expertise for GAMING. With the variety of successful games like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Clash of Clans etc, the mobile game development has already become a massive thing in the gaming industry and already set a benchmark for upcoming games to razzle-dazzle the gaming world.

Now, a lot of questions must be mumbling in your mind as to which is the top mobile game development company out of this comprehensive list of Indie top mobile gaming companies. Well, search for the top gaming company in India and of course a lot of results will appear but as you know Google believe in organic results.

Search for the top 10 list and go for those appear on top of search engines. So, go for the one which you see more commonly. After you have shortlisted a few names, you can proceed with researching on their previous work displays, client reviews & ratings, cost effectiveness and market reputation.

Hopefully, you will find this list worthwhile to put an end to your search for the biggest mobile games development agency. Have any valuable suggestions? We would love to hear from you!

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Navneet Singh

Navneet Singh is a young enthusiast who Loves Internet Marketing and is always eager to share useful and authentic content on SEO, link building, social media marketing, content marketing, and conversion rate optimization to help others. A Software Engineer By Chance and Working as a CEO in SEO Experts Company India, one of the Top Rated SEO Agency in India. A Basket Ball Player and a Budding Entrepreneur.